5 YEARS!!! July 28!

Well that says it all. I’m well, I’m 5 years older, better, wiser, and because I’m 5 years sober it makes me really fucking cool! ( Oh, I still swear, just not around the little ones). I’m having the time of my life. How bout you? We had a blast at the beach.  This is […]

Farewell My Pretties

Happy Thanksgiving to my gluttonous fellow Americans and Happy PreChristmas season to my friends abroad.  I’m having a particularly irreverent, sarcastic day so what better time to sign off. Fuck yes. I hardly ever post anymore so it seems fitting to sail away with the end of the coming year. It’s been A good year […]


    Yep. 4 amazing, crazy, wonderful, sometimes difficult years. Sober. In those 4 years I’ve experienced incredibly happy sober times and most lately some really sad sober times. There’s no doubt about it. Life. Is. Hard. Because of being sober I’ve really “felt” those really sad times and really “enjoyed” those incredibly happy times. […]

Hello People

Some of you guys have inquired about my whereabouts and well being. Warms my heart that some of you virtual strangers care. Well, I’m feeling fucking great. I’m keeping really busy. I still don’t watch the news but I developed a new philosophy, why bother. Life’s too short to live it all tied up in […]

Still Here, Still Crazy

Hey Gang!  Hope all is well.  I’ve had some inquiries lately about how I’m doing and where I am.  Thanks everyone for thinking of me.  Less than a week ago I would have said I’m absofuckinglutely amazing, and I am but I not. We had a real tragedy here on Saturday.  My stepmom was up […]


Well, 3 years is a pretty f…ing  big deal. But yet it’s a normal way of life now. It’s my new normal and I like it just fine.  I’m 3 years older but better, skin looks good, I’m super healthy, no meds, I eat really well (just made this awesome hot fudge sauce, sugar’s still […]

Independence Day

I loved the first movie, heard the sequel sucks.  But I love those stupid kinds of movies, I loved the Die Hard movies and used Yippie-ki-yay, Motherfucker frequently.  Hmm, I think we should bring that back. I live in a town where the 4th is a big deal.  Not because people are patriotic, but because […]

April 23, 2016

I wrote the following a couple days ago but now I have something else to add. On Friday I got one of the best. gifts. ever. I had a virtual  meetup with a fellow sober blogger from across the pond. ( where did that come from, it’s a fucking ocean people! ) Anyway it was wonderful to […]

This Is So Hard

Hi All. I missed posting at 900 days, so here I am at 906, thank you very much. Already thinking about what reward I should ask for at 1000, gotta be something good. Life is good, made it through the chaos of Christmas and the quiet of New Year’s, when you get to be my […]