Today I am 60 days sober.  I thought it was fitting to start my blogging on this day.  Yesterday was my 62nd birthday.  I waited a long time to do the right thing.  “What a long strange trip it’s been.”

6 thoughts on “Today

  1. I just want you to know what an inspiration you have been and continue to be to my journey. I had to go back to this early post – you were 60 days sober – to remind myself how far you’ve come and how far I can go. I will turn 66 this year and I remember turning 50 thinking do I really want to be 50 years old and wake up every day with a hangover? Well, here I am. Maybe not everyday but enough days. I have had a long progression into embracing a personal journal to become sober. At first it was just because I felt so bad the next day and for a few days feeling good was all I needed……until the wine o’clock time hit and I thought I could moderate. Not. Not enough which means, of course, not. Now I want to really embrace not only sobriety but the rest of my life. Your “Sober at Sixty” played a big, big part in getting me to the door of my journey. I’m ready to open it.

  2. I am 3 days sober (pretty sure it will be a solid 3, I’m past my temptation time today). 62 years old. Just getting started with your blog – read the most recent posts and am looking forward to reading everything (okay I might skim a bit). Found you through UnPickled. How crazy is it that there are so many of us. Thank you in advance for blogging about your journey.

  3. Hello,
    I too found your blog through UnPickled and am 62 years old. Today is day 29 for me. I’m very much enjoying your blog, your sense of humor and success at this sober thingy. I too have a french friend! This is my second attempt.It’s time, I figured I’ve drunk enough wine for two peoples lifetime already so I’m over due…

  4. Hello, I am about 3 weeks into my journey and quit because I just turned 59 and don’t want to go into my 60s drinking. I also have a blog,, as I hope it will help hold me accountable and because writing is cathartic for me. I love your style and your attitude, will definitely be back!


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