Away Message

Off to Florida on Thursday! WOO HOO.  I am so over this winter, when I leave it will be a high of 15F so even if it’s only 70 in Florida I will be stripping off layers and layers of clothes  Don’t get too excited guys.  It’s my annual girls weekend.  We stay at a […]

Compare and Contrast

Had book group last night.  We read the book Life after Life by Kate Atkinson.  I meant to bring this up sooner, but busy got in the way. It’s a very strange book,. but excellent. I’m glad I read it.  A great deal of the book is about World War II.  About two thirds into […]

Second 100 Days

Tomorrow I am sober 200 days. Simply frickin amazeballs (ode to Mrs. D). I can’t quite believe it myself. Some adult language ahead. Like you don’t use it. The first 100 days were slow moving, the horrible start, the why am I doing this first week, the woo fucking hoo after 30 days and OH […]


All the talk about Phillip Seymour Hoffman has had me pondering what makes us (those of us addicted to some substance) want. Want what we know we can not have. Want even though we know it will cause us harm or hurt our loved ones. His may be an extreme case of hopelessness and heroin […]