Ahhh the Holidays!

EPILOGUE I’m going to start at the end,all is well I’m sober 862 days and still counting. I know I’ll have a very Merry Christmas, my crystal ball shows it. The stockings are hung, the trees are up and cookie dough is made. It’s not even mid December and the shopping is done and the […]

A Letter to You

Hello all😃 Hope this finds you all well and sober. I’m fine, better than fine, back from vacation. It was a good time, but…husband #1 made it to 166 and then had a couple beers, tsk tsk. He’s continuing now with those couple of beers, we shall see where it leads. We had beautiful weather […]

It’s a Little Bit Funny

…this feelin’ inside. I always seem to have a song in my head. Oh well. This has next to nothing to do about drinking and everything to do with life, mine. I was out walking along the lovely Riverwalk in town, when I realized I have never felt more alive, present and well, real in […]


Can you believe it? July 28, 2013 I had my last drink, make that my last bottle and 1/2 of wine. I didn’t plan on it being my last, it just happened. The middle of the night conversations were the same as always, the regret, the self-loathing, the shame. But that morning the feeling of […]

Just Stopped By To Say Hello

Hey guys, hope all is well with everyone. I’m still here, A little over a month shy of 700 days. I’ve been really bad about self-care lately and I can tell.  I’m not craving alcohol but I just feel like, well shit. How the hell does anyone know what shit feels like?  We have the […]

I Got Plenty of Nothin

WTF I’ve really had a string of song titles for blog posts lately, old songs. Must be my age and the fact that I no longer know who sings what and I don’t give a damn. Anyway, all is well here in Chicagoland. The sun comes out occasionally which makes me very happy. I started […]

I’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

Sometimes I feel like that toward Husband #1.  I used to smoke, gave it up 33 years ago when I became pregnant with my first child.  I’m a nasty reformed smoker.  Can’t stand to be around smoke or smokers.  It turns my stomach.  Reformed smokers are the worst.  That feeling is creeping into my reformed […]

Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

Don’t know when I’ll be back again..I wish that were true but it’s not. I’m off to Florida again for 4 days with my book group buddies. This will be my third sober girs getaway. At this stage it’s a no brainier. I was out with the dogs at 4 fucking 30 this morning, it was […]

By the Numbers

#1. It’s a BOY!!! I now have a grandSON to add to the three little princesses running around dancing to Let It Go! Time for ninja turtles and trucks! My son won’t admit it but he’s thrilled, said now he’ll have someone to watch basketball with him. I don’t look so good here but he’s […]