Things are good.  Life is good.  Being sober is good, no better than good.  No shame, no fuzzy head until 11 every morning. No wondering what I said or did.  Did I text, did I call someone? Some mornings I knew Husband #1 was mad at me but I hadn’t a clue why. I don’t […]

The Almost Sunshine Award

Thanks to Maggie at Sober Courage and Shaina at Learning Living Freely for nominating me for this award. I do really appreciate the shout out. I’m not good and copying things from other peoples blogs or cutting and pasting so though I really appreciate being noticed I won’t be able to continue the thread.  I […]

I’m Baacckkkk

Back to the cold, the snow, the ice. Shit Shit Shit. Instead of complaining I should be grateful I had a chance to go somewhere warm and green and beautiful. And I am grateful, but will spring ever come to the Midwest?  I’m starting to wonder.  Anyway…recap. Fun time without alcohol.  Check Good meals without […]