Still Here, Still Crazy

Hey Gang!  Hope all is well.  I’ve had some inquiries lately about how I’m doing and where I am.  Thanks everyone for thinking of me.  Less than a week ago I would have said I’m absofuckinglutely amazing, and I am but I not.

We had a real tragedy here on Saturday.  My stepmom was up early getting ready to go to the airport to return home after a wonderful Thanksgiving week visit.  She spent lots of time with her great-grandchildren and truly enjoyed herself.  I can hold that in my heart. Saturday morning she somehow slipped, tumbled down to the landing of my stairs, hit her head and never regained consciousness.  She died Sunday morning.  So sad.  So I’m on this roller coaster of emotion right now.  Sick at heart but also joyful knowing she’s dancing to Frank Sinatra with my dad right now. Wish I could turn back time, can’t, so onward we go.

I did not drink, didn’t even think about it through all that trauma.  Couldn’t eat either but I always see lack of appetite as a perk!

I was also extremely distraught over the election and it just keeps getting more and more like a circus. But I can’t change that either, sooooo.  On to Christmas.  Determined to have a bright and cheerful one for all those littles I have running around.

Eternally grateful for all my blessings, life is short and can be gone in a wink.  Don’t cloud your head with alcohol shame and regrets.  Fill it with love and hugs, smiles and kisses.

Happy Sober Holidays to all. I’m still here and I’m still sober and still a little crazy. Tra la la la la, la la la la.

24 thoughts on “Still Here, Still Crazy

  1. I am always glad to read your posts. You sound so familiar to me; I think we’re close in age and outlook. But you write better. Hugs to you; it’s hard to say goodbye to family and loved ones. Keep living the love.

  2. Oh Sharon – I’m so sorry for your loss. Good for you for keeping a positive attitude through what this country has become…it is overwhelming at times, I agree. And have a merry christmas:]

  3. Oh, so saddened to hear this. From your post, your stepmom was a blessing to your family. So glad she had such wonderful love surrounding her. This was certainly an unexpected curve in life, but like you wrote, you can’t control everything no matter how much we want to. Prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

  4. Nothing I can add, other that I’m truly sorry for your loss, and that your dignity always shines through. I hope the couple next to them dancing to Sinatra are my Mam & Dad. They loved him too. Shine on, you Warrior xx

  5. I was so incredibly sorry to read about your stepmom; life can change in an instant and your post is such a poignant reminder…. Thank you for reminding us that sober life is the best choice, no matter what! I hope you and your family have the best holiday season together, under the circumstances. Sending you a huge hug –

  6. Hi Sharon, I just read your post 20 Days later. Where was I? I am very sorry for your loss. That must have been a shock. I’m so glad that you didn’t drink over it. I’m still plugging away over here in Michigan. Keep blogging–love reading your work.

  7. Sharon, Even in the midst of such shock and personal sadness you continue to be an inspiration.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your kids and grand babies.

  8. So very sorry for your loss and hope your Christmas Holiday was peaceful and happy with plenty of time to reflect and be grateful. You are inspiring. Happy New Year to you!

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about your stepmother. If it helps at all, I’d like you to know that because of the post before this one, I decided to become Sober at Sixty, too, and I have — I’m approaching my third month sober and I can’t believe I waited this long to see what a continually sober life is like. During this period I turned sixty, got through Thanksgiving, CHristmas, and the (very amicable) departure of Husband #1 (of 33 years), and some less-than-ideal health news. And I’m happy! I cant imagine having dealt with any of this any better if I was still drinking. And I have you to thank — something about what you said in that last post about aging rock stars really hit home. THank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Whoops, sorry, it was your 1000 Days post that really grabbed me. Anyway, there’s you with 1,000 days, me with (almost) 100 days, and the rest of our lives to just live. You — and Belle, of course — were my inspiration. Thanks again!

  11. Hi Sharon, i was so happy to discover you! At 65 I finally quit the wine…am 6 months sober, and to qoute you…i have the frame of mind of a 45 year old..its such a Wild feeling… for the past 30 years I have been lead guitar in a band, and it was making it So Hard to quit the drink.. I am the only female in the group .. there has been alot of self imposted pressure to prove myself… the world of
    playing shows, touring and spending Lots of time in bars made it virtuallu impossible to put down the i see it as a blessing that i am only in the recording studio, and no longer have to live on that rollercoaster ride… I am so filled with regret, because I lost so many deep friendships because of my drinking. Ive finally put down the chardonnay.
    I love waking up with a clear head, and really am enjoying sitting with my coffee and peacefully reading as the sun comes up..I used to go to bed at 6 am…! Thank you for being such an awesome role model ! Sister in Sobriety, Spingirl

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