5 YEARS!!! July 28!

Well that says it all. I’m well, I’m 5 years older, better, wiser, and because I’m 5 years sober it makes me really fucking cool! ( Oh, I still swear, just not around the little ones).

I’m having the time of my life. How bout you?


We had a blast at the beach.  This is what life is all about.  There’s no happiness in a bottle. It’s found in soft sweet cheeks, little kisses and being present in every moment. Five years ago I knew I couldn’t go on with the regrets, the hazy, sorrowful mornings, the wasted life.  Not wasted anymore.


Hallmark or whoever decides these things says a fifth anniversary present should be wood.  What the f… Hmmm, I’ve been wanting a new dining room table.

Stay in the moment my friends, stay here, as Belle says.


See ya around.


28 thoughts on “5 YEARS!!! July 28!

  1. You were one of my inspirations when I got sober 4 years ago at 64
    I wanted to be a sober , accountable , available grandma
    Thanks for staying in touch
    Looking forward to following in your foot steps year after year !

    • And congrats to you, you were one of the first bloggers I connected with, Man, look at us now! My best to you, Carrie.

  2. Well done smasher! Great pictures and so lovely to hear from you. Right behind you – actually just did the arithmetic and counting today I have exactly 100 days to go to 5 years myself. Looking for something expensive in wood now 😉 xxx

  3. Happy Birthday…

    had to come over and say hi.
    and, btw, yes we are kindred spirits,,,I think this birthday i’m talking about might coincide with yours (not sober, natal!)
    those grandchildren are gorgeous!!
    So happy you can be present for them and for yourself.
    Happy 5 years!!!

  4. I’m August 9….a couple years younger, which means a big birthday in a couple days.
    Close though, close. And getting sober older is an interesting experience…good for both of us!!

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