Farewell My Pretties

Happy Thanksgiving to my gluttonous fellow Americans and Happy PreChristmas season to my friends abroad.  I’m having a particularly irreverent, sarcastic day so what better time to sign off. Fuck yes.

I hardly ever post anymore so it seems fitting to sail away with the end of the coming year. It’s been A good year and I’ve been blessed, however, I’m still terribly embarrassed and full of despair for my country as it slips into total disrespect and fear of those that aren’t white, male and have a warped idea of what Christianity is.   I have 5 grandchildren that I pray for everyday , what kind of world will they encounter as they grow. It’s wrong to sexually abuse or be a child molester but as long as it happened a long time ago then fuck it, I can be President or hold a senate seat.  What the hell is wrong with people? Maybe I’m just an old lady but I don’t understand why getting the votes for policies is more important than doing the right thing.  Oh man am I in a bitch mood today.  The news makes me feel like I could explode so I leave the room.

So, it’s been a year since my step-mother died on our stairs so it’s a hard time of remembrance but I’m also grateful to have had her in our lives.  She really made my dad happy and was the only grandmother my children knew so, Ruby, we love you.

Speaking of grandchildren, our baby turned 1and they’re all fabulous. 64DB84A0-E602-44AC-B215-42002CAF971D

No drinking here, have found a new punch recipe to try for the holidays. I’m looking toward my 5 year soberversery.  Has to be something outstanding and expensive, because I am so worth it.  Doesn’t occur until July so I’ve got lots of time to come up with an outstanding  gift idea.

Sorry I’m going out on such a sour, sassy note but that’s how this all started 4 1/2years ago.  Don’t drink no matter what, don’t even think about moderating it doesn’t work.  Listen and read what Belle says.  Read every sober blog that relates to you.  I still do, daily.  Never ever want another Day 1 or week 1 or Month 1 it’s too f…ing HARD!!!

To all my wonderful, amazing, sober cyber friends who have become family; I love, love, love you all.  You helped me get and remain sober and I am forever indebted to you all. I know how to get in touch with most of you but here’s my email for some I haven’t spoken with directly. I hope we can continue to talk. nomorewine4me@gmail.com.

To the two lovely women I’ve Skyped with I hope that can continue occasionally.

I’ll continue to comment on blogs but I’m not going to post again, at least until some big orange Cheeto that’s pretending to lead us resigns or is impeached.  Then I’d use this forum to shout hooray! (Tweet that you fuckwad)

Ta Ta for now my darlings, it’s been real.



What’d you think, too harsh?  Too bad, I’m 66 now, I’ll say whatever I feel.  Spent most of my life behaving like a mouse. Not anymore. 💋💋💋

15 thoughts on “Farewell My Pretties

  1. So loved reading this goodbye xx It struck home in so many ways,especially the orange nightmare,lol,and I’m in the UK !! I shall try hard to folow your example but I know I will fall down along the way.I am on Day 93 and so hope i can reach Day 100.I have no-one near me who understands,no close friends who have a drink issue and my family think I am over reacting to a ‘normal’ custom carried out by many people.I know I’m not. I know I was and possibly will be,killing myself far too early with a habit that I cannot control.
    I wish you well.You are strong and are winning.I am still weak with things happening around me that make me anxious and stressed ,i have no control over them,they won’t go away any time soon.
    Lots of good wishes from a 64 yr old woman in the UK xx

  2. That was a great final sally for your blogging! Lovely pic, too. It continues to be a gift knowing you are out there. Thanks for all your company and hope to stay in touch one way or the other! Prim xx

  3. Instead of leaving, why not continue to blog about current events. It’ll let you vent, and you do it very well. I’d love that.

  4. Just getting here. A day late. Another sober warrior, 60yo, day 40AF and crazed hourly by the mess in Washington. Makes me cringe. Guess I better hurry and read backwards, or maybe it will be here awhike. You have a darling lap full there. Mine are 100s of miles away. Pray you’ll be back soon as we celebrate the end of the unforgiving orange man. I’ll wear my pink crocheted beanie xo Need a pen pal I’m here as not many boomers fighting sobriety verbally online.

  5. Just found you and you are leaving? Please reconsider- we sixty year olds- need to stick together- I am bookmarking your site and reading from the beginning!

  6. You’ve earned the right to do whatever you want. But selfishly, I must say: we’d all love it if you stopped in to vent every now and then. It’s hilarious, and on point, and fun to read.

    That’s an absolutely wonderful picture. In this world of lying Cheetohs it is the children that give me hope. They aren’t cynical yet, and they offer an opportunity to do better than the generations that came before them.

    Best of luck and don’t forget us back here in the virtual soberverse!

  7. Hi-
    Looking forward to reading your blog! This is such a great added tool for me.
    Finally made the decision to stop drinking. It’s such a circus of emotions. Sigh.
    Your blog is fun, the pictures are sweet……smiling through them!

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