A Letter to You

Hello all😃

Hope this finds you all well and sober. I’m fine, better than fine, back from vacation. It was a good time, but…husband #1 made it to 166 and then had a couple beers, tsk tsk. He’s continuing now with those couple of beers, we shall see where it leads. We had beautiful weather for about 12 days, the last three were grey and gloomy so we headed home a day early. 17 hours in the car with one huge dog and one medium sized puppy.  They behaved better than I did. You know how once you’re on your way home you can’t wait to get there.  Well that’s me, the last couple hours take for……….ever! Anyway, no drinking pangs while on vacay, saw the sun rise over the ocean 11 mornings, sat on the sand with a cup of coffee, listened to the waves and watched the sun come up, fucking incredible.


It’s  good to be back too. Missed those four little munchkins of mine.


Are they not stunning, everyone of them? Poor baby boy, if he’s the last one he’ll have to grow into a bruiser to take on these three girls.

I feel like I don’t have much to say to you anymore. I’m sober, 813 days today, I’m tracking to 1000. I think about stopping the count and then I realize it’s one of my tools for staying this way so I’m going to continue.  Whatever works, you know. I’m still reading sober blogs, get depressed when someone falters, we’re all family you know.  It’s funny how close I feel to people I’ve never met. Kindred spirits, that was the best thing to come from Anne of Green Gables, kindred spirits. The Internet is a fucking awesome tool, I thank God each day for guiding me to it for the help I needed.

We had hard wood floors installed and others refinished while we were gone so I’m having  fun redecorating the house now.  I’m “attempting” to reupholster two living room chairs, this is the first time I’ve tried such a big DIY project but it seems to be going well. I’ll post a before and after later…maybe, we’ll see.

Olive is officially the littlest Labrador retriever we’ve ever had, definitely the runt of the litter and that makes her perfect for me. I can walk with her and not have my arm ripped out of its socket.  But I must admit it’s odd, all ours have been above average sized and I saw her parents so we were expecting a much bigger beast. She’s a joy for me and my gift after one year sober, she’s a constant reminder. I probably should have called her Alfree, oh well, too late now. She makes Ralph’s life pretty chaotic but he’s a good sport. He probably thinks “that fucking bitch has ruined my fun.” Wish dogs could talk. Or maybe not, Ralph and I were drinking buddies back in the day.


Well, there’s a snippet into my life these days, pretty above average I think, and yes I meant to say above. No heavy shame on my shoulders anymore. Hope I haven’t bored you. I won’t write very often, nothing much to say, but I’ll not delete the blog, just in case I need to brag or rant or swear.  I’ll leave you with some beach pictures so you can dream of warm, beige, lazy days.

All my love,







This one was born the day before my 59th birthday, I was hungover at the hospital, how fucking horrendous was that, never ever again, so much waste. It still took me almost two years to get my shit together. But together I did get it and everything is so much more fun sober, it really is😃.


11 thoughts on “A Letter to You

  1. Now, that’s a lovely LOVELY post. Don’t you dare stop. If we’re all a family, you must be the matriarch 😉😉. Those sunsets look incredible

  2. I love this for so many reasons and am ridiculously jealous for so many more because…beach.

    You’re munchkins are adorable but the look on the redhead’s face is priceless! She’s looks like she’s thinking, “Why me Lord?” I love it.

    Sober is the best thing ever – especially when you get to our age. Lord how did I survive those hangovers?!


  3. Gorgeous words, photos, people, dogs. A perfect snapshot of sober life at day 813. I’m beyond happy for you and understand well what you say about a connection to other sobers. Thanks for the beautiful post.

  4. My name is Karen Vasquez with the DUI Foundation, first off, thank you for putting your stories out on the web for inspiration of others. I was just reading your site and it’s very inspirational, and your vacation photos are wonderful.

    Would you be willing to help me raise awareness for National Impaired Driving Prevention Month? i would love and could use your help. I’m wondering if you would be willing to help us raise that awareness by writing a blog post to talk about the dangers of impaired driving and the negative effects it can have on ones life?

    Our team is always looking for motivational stories to share with our visitors. So over the years, we’ve built up our DUI Foundation platform and we currently see over 20k/monthly visitors.

    Thank you for your time

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