It’s a Little Bit Funny

…this feelin’ inside. I always seem to have a song in my head. Oh well.

This has next to nothing to do about drinking and everything to do with life, mine. I was out walking along the lovely Riverwalk in town, when I realized I have never felt more alive, present and well, real in all my almost 64 years.  I gotta tell you it’s age not just sobriety. It’s like a permanent pink cloud effect.  A friend of mine is two years older, I remember her telling me when she turned sixty she felt better and happier than she ever had (she’s a Normie).  I was still drinking then and remember thinking “you’re fucking 60 years old, are you crazy?”  Now, not only sober but coming up on my 64th birthday, I get it, totally. So if you’re 40 or 50, trust me, the best is yet to come.

There’s this sense of freedom and wonder, I can’t really put it into words. I look forward to every day, and the everyday mundane things. Walking with friends, I appreciate them more, can empathize more. I understand. I LISTEN. Freezing the mega ton of tomatoes we have this year has become a joy, not a dreaded chore. Even though Ralph the Dog and Olive the Puppy are pains in the ass, I love every active minute I have with them. My Fitbit steps are off the charts, I’m averaging 14,000 a day! Woo fucking Hoo! Can we say tight ass, oh yes we can. And I mean that in a good way.

I never thought aging could feel so good. Oh I have my aches and twinges. Can’t get fucking “Arthur Ritis” off my back, I guess he’s here for the next 30 years. Doc said he usually comes to visit (say your prayers) EVERYONE in their 40’s but only really bothers some. Well he’s bothering me, m…f…er. But, he’s not stopping me. Where was I, oh, everything is better, even sex. Yep people there is sex in the 60’s. Not to worry. Ladies you get passed that, the kids, the tired, the I don’t feel like it I don’t have the urge stuff and it’s great.  Better than before, more intimacy, more time, more touch, no rush. I’ve just ordered a couple books on better sex  in your 60’s. We’re headed to the Outer Banks again for 2 weeks mid September, those will be my beach reads, wink wink.

Anyway in a very long circuitous route I’m trying to tell you to not be afraid of the passing of time. It only gets better. 60 is the new 40, I am living proof.

Now for the drinking part. I wouldn’t be enjoying my walks, my chores and I wouldn’t even fucking remember sex (happened to me a few times, those lovely blackouts) if I was still drinking. I wouldn’t be healthy because my blood pressure was climbing, where were the bruises coming from (again those blackouts). I was constantly remorseful and a bitch. Oh I can still put my bitch on, but rightfully so now. You won’t grow old if you continue to drink, life stops and it becomes the next drink. Sucks, man, just sucks.

So, on September 24th I’ll be singing a Beatles tune, but the answer will be a resounding HELL YES!   I don’t think I did this video right but if you click in it you get it.

Before you listen, Huband #1 will hit 150 days on Friday. He’s not sure he’s happy about it but knows how disappointed I will be when he caves, stay tuned. He’s done great so far.

love you all, thanks for all the warm wishes for my two year post, don’t know that I’d be here without you all.



12 thoughts on “It’s a Little Bit Funny

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ this Sharon 🙂 I hope I feel the same as you when I hit 64 – and I'm not that far behind you!! Oh and huge congrats to husband #1 on 150 days – f**king A xx

  2. WOW…your timing is impeccable!! I am a 60s something woman in the early days of living AF. (Like…Day 3 ..again) I was sober for 13 years and then fell off the wagon rather unwittingly..(Long story) Shorter story – I took my sobriety for granted then. Fast forward 12 years and I have finally quit again although I have had trouble giving it up because I was semi-convinced that there was less to live for at this stage in my life. How’s that for “stinkin’ thinkin’ “. Getting this in my inbox this morning was just the thing I needed. I am sober, clear headed and happy today. I know there are rough days ahead…but you just handed me the glowing shiny object that can be our lives in our 60s if we give up the booze and embrace a life still full of possibilities and joy. Thank you so much!

  3. I love your writing so much! Thank you for the wisdom and for the HOPE. My kids will still be in high school when I turn 60 (I started late) so it makes me really happy to think that I won’t only feel OLD. I was already feeling old and giving up about the future when I was drinking…

    Congratulations on 2 years! Very happy for you.

  4. Just celebrated 62 with 2 years sober. You are spot on Sharon – the 60’s are great but only because we are AF! Oh the time we wasted…well no sense looking back. Just looking forward with pink clouds above us! Love to you and happy future birthday!

  5. This makes me so happy! I feel like I’m just starting to get my shit together at 54 so to hear it’s going to keep getting better (rather than worse which is what some would have you believe) is music to my ears (pun intended).

    So happy you’re happy and here’s to Husband #1 finally realizing that life is better without the booze.


  6. Great post, Sharon. I think a lot of what you describe is a byproduct of sobriety, as I’ve felt it at 41. But if you’re telling me 60 feels better, that’s wonderful news. And I’m happy for you that you’re enjoying this very good life. It’s amazing how beautiful life is when we’re in a position to appreciate and work at it. Congrats to your husband too. At 150 days, I wasn’t too sure about sobriety either. Good on him.

  7. Great post! As for this – ‘You won’t grow old if you continue to drink, life stops and it becomes the next drink. Sucks, man, just sucks.’ – I felt this way in my early 30s. I thought Life was over because that’s what Life was like. Nope! I put down the drink and suddenly pew!pew!pew! Life is awesome again. Glad you are shining so bright!

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