I Got Plenty of Nothin

WTF I’ve really had a string of song titles for blog posts lately, old songs. Must be my age and the fact that I no longer know who sings what and I don’t give a damn.

Anyway, all is well here in Chicagoland. The sun comes out occasionally which makes me very happy. I started a Pilates class, on the machines, which makes me very happy and I bet I’m an inch taller, which makes me look thinner, right? I’m going to watch my new grandson for the month of May so I can really get to know him, that makes me happy too.  And, best of all, Husband #1 is on day 7 and that makes me ecstatic, I know it’s early but already things have improved. Relationships are like roller coaster rides, ups, downs, curves, hills and valleys, strap in and hold tight.

No urges, no wolf, no desire to drink.  It’s funny how the need for an alternative drink has faded away, maybe it’s the cold weather and come summer I’ll need my tonic and lime or fake wine but for now, nothing works just fine.

My sweet little Olive the puppy is still a joy for me, my now 65 pound lap dog! I’m out walking her twice a day, even though we have a fenced yard. It helps me rack up steps on my Fitbit and does wonders for my frame of mind. I even bought some black rain boots with white polka dots to walk her in the rain. No reason to not be a stylin dog walkin Grammy. Oh, she snores like a sailor, I never slept with a sailor so I can’t say that’s really true. Slept with an Army guy for a while, don’t remember but I don’t think he snored, don’t think we slept much either. TMI.

Sorry for the disgustingly cheery blog post.  It’s like one of those fucking “my life is better than your life” letters people put in their Christmas cards.  Like anyone gives a rat’s ass that your Tommy made the honor role, saved a life at swim practice and discovered a cure for asshole parents. I’m sure some rain will fall. But right now “I got plenty of nothin, and nothin’s plenty for me.”

Well, I’m still having issues with sugar, how’s that! Shit happens.




12 thoughts on “I Got Plenty of Nothin

  1. Thanks for your post, Sharon. My husband, co-incidentally, will be 7 days alcohol free tomorrow, which is the first time, probably in his adult life, that he’s done that. It was the result of a fairly heated exchange over a social event a week ago, where he drank a lot, and, well, you know the story. I didn’t press him to quit, and he’s not making any proclamations about it. It would just be so great not to have to deal with it anymore.
    Having said that, he heads back north this Monday, and I feel fairly certain that he will return to his default alcohol setting. Whatever, I appreciate the effort and am enjoying it for now.
    I also wear a Fitbit, and find that walking my black lab, Frankie, is great therapy. I listen to audiobooks while I walk, and really enjoy that time. Have to slot in music every few days as it’s so good for my soul.
    Have a great week! Shannon

  2. Happiness is good. I am happy your husband is on Day 7, I wish my would jump on that band wagon for a while.
    Have fun getting to know your grandson.
    Happy, Happy, Happy!! 🙂

  3. I love your disgustingly cheery post! Love your ‘puppy’. Love your polka dot rain boots. And especially love your TMI! (Which made me lol for real.)

    The only thing worse than an overly cheery post is an obnoxious love fest of a comment.


    Enjoy your grandson.


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