Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

Don’t know when I’ll be back again..I wish that were true but it’s not. I’m off to Florida again for 4 days with my book group buddies. This will be my third sober girs getaway. At this stage it’s a no brainier.

I was out with the dogs at 4 fucking 30 this morning, it was -4. If someone videos me and put me on you tube I’d get a gazillion hits. Fuzzy leggings, sleep socks, LLBean rubber boots, long down coat and the best part, a plaid bomber hat with fur.  Then there’s the scarf pulled up over my face, oh and don’t forget my glasses. They fog up outside from my breath so I have to slide them down my nose to see. It’s fucking frightening!! I guess it’s a good thing the dogs are early risers, if people actually saw me they’d call the cops! I need Florida.


So, some of you wanted an update on the Whole 30 thing. Well, let’s just call it a Whole 9 or maybe 8. I couldn’t go without my Starbucks. And since you can’t blackout and fall down steps or say things you don’t remember from a mocha late I figured, what the hell! I have cut back on the sugar and bread though. Except for Valentine’s Day. I made salted caramel truffles with MY name on them. They have tiny little gremlins inside and every day around 3, they call me, I can’t wait until they leave but I can’t bring myself to throw them out. They are freakin amazing little critters. Want the recipe? (Insert maniacal laugh here).

Husband #1 is still beer and wining for a couple hours each evening so I’m whiny and bitchy. It really is hard when one partner abstains and the other doesn’t. I should start abstaining from sex until he stops drinking but … Nah forget that idea I’ll think of something else.

i can’t wait for warmth and sunshine! We ride around i golf carts and have a ball. there are three streets signs there I love, I’ll try to get a photo to post, DamnifIknow, DamnifIcare, shit I can’t remember the last Damnif…


Talk soon.



8 thoughts on “Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

  1. Hey Sharon, I wake up at 4:00 with my black lab too, although I am in Palm Springs so the dress code for our first walk (there are several) is substantially less hilarious than yours. I totally relate to your comment about your husband still having drinks for a couple of hours. I also struggle with this, and don’t know what to do about it. One of the things I do is walk the dog during the cocktail hour, but getting back to a half cut husband (#3) doesn’t generally make for a nice evening. When you have figured out how to manage that part of sobriety, please pass it along. Have a wonderful trip, and if you think of it, post the best books you and your group have read. Shannon

  2. Have a great time. My husband still drinks too. He says it is one drink but it has 3 shots of vodka in it. I find it annoying also. But what is right for me isn’t right for everyone.
    I hope you get warm weather.

  3. It is cold down here in Florida today where I have been for awhile, BUT warming up by the weekend. I am still new at this sobriety thing, but I do wish my husband could be on board with no drinking too. Ah, sigh…

  4. Hi – I’m a newbie here and this morning I googled ‘Sober at 60’ not expecting anything but maybe a take on senior sobriety (I was 67 yesterday) and found this – your fantastic inspiring blog!! I quickly clicked to follow but now I want to say ‘Hi’ too. I’ve been drinking about 40 years, mostly excessively but I’m still here – thank God! I’m in England and we have good websites but I like your blog, more of a one-to-one thing, and looking forward to getting to know you and/or others with similar long term drinking patterns. My husband is addicted too, and we’re actually very happily married, drinking white wine every night.

    But you know, I want to quit. I’m getting too old for all this wine, and it’s also rather boring. Marianne X

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