A Little Holiday Cheer

Our friends in the UK seemed to have a lock on all the yummy mocktail cordials and drinks. After seeing Lou’s recap from last year(http://ahangoverfreelife.com/category/mocktails)I was very jealous and decided to search for some NA mulled punch. Not even Amazon had any, and then I found a little British food and beverage site in New Hampshire. Look at the early Christmas present that arrived today.


I’m hoping Prim or Lou can give me some suggestions for the spiced berry cordial and the lime as well. So I’m now going to really enjoy the holidays.

Have to share this. I periodically check the Jimmy Fallon you tube videos, don’t know how I missed this one, I’m still laughing. Enjoy. Sorry I don’t know how to put the clip on the blog, just the link. Happy Holidays!



8 thoughts on “A Little Holiday Cheer

  1. Thanks for the picture and the post. I’ve been wanting to try the cordials and this just inspired me to order them. Yay! Not sure they’ll arrive by Christmas but hopefully I can ring in the new year with a special treat. I’ve seen suggestions to drink them with sparkling water or club soda and some fresh mint.

  2. I know some of them – sometimes have them home here. Nice for the UK to be number one in something other than celebrity paedophile or hate campaigns against immigrants.

  3. My first post with you, Sharon, though I’ve followed your blog with grins and thankfulness for a few months, and another thank you for the belly laugh from the Fallon link! Loved it! Happy New Year.

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