imageFor those who asked for the recipe this is what Prim sent me and it was really wonderful.

no-jito recipe:

go out to garden to look for mint. discover it’s all died back. oh, yeah. it’s winter, right?
buy a bunch of fresh mint from shop. wash if you’re feeling enthusiastic.
put equal quantities of water and white sugar in pan – say one mug full of each?
take three sprigs mint out of bunch and set aside. put rest of bunch into pan.
bring pan to boil. put it on side to cool down then strain into jug. you have made mint syrup! sniff it. good, yes?
put maybe three quarters of an inch of mint syrup into a tall glass.
add three sprigs of mint, the juice of half a lime, and some ice cubes.
cut rest of lime into two segments and add that too.
add either soda water or diet lemonade. I like the latter.
stir a bit to break up the fresh mint. taste to see if you need more syrup or more lemonade.
toast your sober friends around the world. but yourself most of all. this yummy stuff? you deserve it!


5 thoughts on “Delicious

  1. so glad you liked it. mine was much less photogenic so I’m very glad to see your picture!

    I stood at my kitchen sink, looking out on the dark and rainy English night, and raised my glass to you. well done again on your 500 days!

    PS think I need to buy some pretty glasses before my day 500 🙂 xx

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