Toasting With A Friend on December 10

So cheers to me for 500 days and cheers to Prim at( for 400 days. We’re toasting with no-jitos. I’m following Prim’s recipe. Funny,every time I see the name Prim written, The Hunger Games Trilogy comes to mind. Prim, do you have a long braid down your back? Digressing… we’ll be toasting 6 hours apart across the pond. I’ll let you know how it tastes. It sounds yummy with mint simple syrup. I was never a cocktail drinker so I won’t miss the rum.

I wish at 500 days I didn’t still think about a glass of wine every now and then, wish that thinking about drinking would just fucking Go Away. But it won’t. And to be honest I don’t think it ever will. I know I can’t drink but that doesn’t mean I won’t want to be a normal drinker for whatever time I’m left on Earth. Just ain’t goin happen. Deal with it Sharon, deal with it.

So, I’m sitting here watching the 50th Anniversary showing of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. I used to watch it with my kids. Tonight I’m on my own and I still have it on. I’m such a sap. Olive’s at my feet and Ralph the Dog is snoring somewhere. Husband #1 is out of town for a couple days. I’m getting ready to make a cup of chamomile and lavender tea and eat a couple cookies. The tree is lit and it’s quite cozy. No frickin chestnuts on the fire though. I think that’s a European thing. I remember the old men and their stands in Florence and Rome. Ahhh.It’s a damn Hallmark movie! Which I watch at this time of the year too and they are soooooo bad!!! My thoughts are all over the place aren’t they! Too bad.

500 days, at one time I never thought I’d make it to 5 days.Un-fucking-believable! Autocorrect wants to make that un-funking so whatever floats your boat. I am proud of my journey and thanks to all of you for helping me along. Halfway to 1000. 500 down, 500 to go.

From the Island of Misfits, cheers!


12 thoughts on “Toasting With A Friend on December 10

  1. woo-hoo for us! jumping up and down. careful, don’t spill the no-jito 😉

    and no, I don’t have a long plait down my back. but the Hunger Games was in my mind when I chose the name Primrose. because I have turned myself into a fierce warrior, protecting and saving that little girl inside me, every day.

    and that odd thought of a glass of wine still strays into my arena every now and then. and I take it out with one arrow like the mutt it is. there is no place for that mangy wolf in our bright futures, yes?

    lots of love to you. will be raising my glass here later! Prim xxx

  2. thoughts of drinking faded a lot for me between year 2-3 to the point where I haven’t really missed it since summer. It’ll be back, no doubt, and I like to see it as a reminder of how powerful it still is (because it’s addictive!). When I read posts like yours, I’m reminded of the great company we keep sober. Happy 500 days to you and 400 days to Prim!!

  3. yay!! Congrats to 500 days – that’s fan-frickin-tastic!!

    As for the thoughts – they come and go. Nothing we can really do about our thoughts but we can control how we react to them.

    Wonderful news, my friend…keep at it!!


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  5. Congratulations my friend! It’s a lovely thing to celebrate an anniversary. I never crave the alcohol, but I do sometimes miss the feel of the wine glass in my hand. So, I pour some ginger ale in my lovely glass and sip without regret! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  6. 500 days!!!! You rock! That means my 500 days is coming up, too. I haven’t been counting so much lately but it’s fun to see the numbers add up. Enjoy your no-jito (that’s adorable, btw). xoxo

  7. Congratulations ! Bless you. I have been reading your blog for months and you are a real inspiration. After years of self destruction, I struggled mightily and with much help became alcohol free at age 60. I don’t miss it. I have come to believe the alcohol industry is evil. Quitting that poison is one of my proudest accomplishments. I just passed 600 alcohol free days. Thank you for your writing.

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