No Problemo

Made it through the Thanksgiving visits without a hiccup.  Didn’t even have a craving, except for Starbucks. After the Turkey Trot, hours of cooking and standing, I indulged my Starbucks craving in the couple of hours before dinner.  I sipped my grande Salted Caramel Mocha in utter silence.  Divine.  Husband #1 was on good behavior and only had 2 beers.  He even sat at the kids table to ride shotgun.  The ill mannered relatives must have been reading Miss Manners because they were quite well behaved.  The oldest boy ( he’s 8) was fascinated and said he really enjoyed that we said grace before each night time meal.  Poor little guy has only glimpses of what a normal (if you can call MY family normal) life is like.

I will confess, however, now that the Christmas decorations have started going up and I’ve started shopping, shopping, shopping, that the witching hour has been cackling at me a little.  So, I’m back to an occasional tonic and lime or AF wine to assuage the ritual.  That’s all it is you know, a ritual, a five o’clock routine that even after a year sometimes still chimes in my ear. I’ll get through, no worries.

I’m going to have to change the image of the wolf to some other kind of beast however.  A strange, ugly creature, perhaps an Orc from Mordor or something like that.  Why, you ask?  Because I’ve just found out that Johnny Depp is portraying the BIG BAD WOLF in the new movie INTO THE WOODS due out Christmas Day. I have always and probably will always lust after Mr. Depp, I call him Johnny (or Captain). I try to completely ignore what his life is like for real and think of him only as the characters he portrays; sexy and yummy.  Can’t have the wolf in my head be sexy or yummy, so now it’s a one eyed slimy thing. Whatever. Shit happens. Maybe he won’t be a sexy, yummy wolf. Yeah right, who am I kidding.

Hope you all are hanging in there this holiday season.  I’ll be 500 days on December 10. Woo Hoo. I’ll keep on keeping on, come along with me.

Problem is my Johnny is short. I’m tall, that only matters when you’re standing up, right? Grammy you are a shameless hussy even in your dreams!

Smile 🙂


6 thoughts on “No Problemo

  1. Great post Sharon and woot woot for the 500 days!! I’m with you on the Johnny Depp thing so gonna have to change that here too! I’ll fight you for him 😉 xx

  2. good to hear how you got on! and I do love that you are exactly 100 days ahead of me (give or take a day. because that’s probably time difference, yeah?!) so let’s have a glass of something delicious together that day to celebrate!

    btw Johnny Depp has filmed on location in my town. which means he and I are engaged, practically 😉 xx

  3. I love it!!!! Yes – it only matters when you are upright! Woot.

    I was just telling the hubs that this time of year is still a “struggle” for me. I don’t think it’s the actual drinking so much as it is the romance of the drinking. Maybe you’re right, it’s just a ritual.

    Like you – I’ll be fine as well.

    Now…as far as images go…maybe Pee-Wee Herman?



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