I’m Sure You Guys Don’t Care About My Weekend, But I’m Going to tell You Anyway So Sit Down and Listen

I had the best time with my friends, the best time. I told them about how bad my drinking had gotten. How I was blacking out and stumbling around the house, only to find bruises another day. Know what? They apologized to me. Huh? Yep, they were sorry that years before I had said, “think I drink too much. I don’t want to turn out like my mother.”Their response had been, ” oh you’re not that bad, don’t start so early, yada yada.”They were sorry they had enabled me, given me an excuse to continue. They were so proud of me now. They recognized how hard it must have been. Said I shouldn’t say I don’t drink but say I stopped drinking, that it shows how strong and smart I am.

Author (New York)had been to a conference to learn to speak to people about distracted drivin, not just drinking and driving. Met with a wife and her MIL who’s husband/son was serving 3 years in prison for killing two people while texting and driving. They had promised the victims relatives that they would spread the word about texting and driving. We need to put our phones in the trunk when we get in the car. It’s as bad and as dangerous as drinking. Eye opening. That even talking hands free is a huge impairment. Learned a lot from her conference here. It’s what prompted our get together since she was coming this way.

Now for the fun stuff that caused us to scream like high school girls.

Pennsylvania, who’s been with her partner for six years is getting married in Dec. They are both divorced and he was waiting until his kids were almost through with college. They’re thinking about downsizing so the kids don’t think they can come back so easily. Kids have a tendency to do this, even in their late 20’s. Trust me on that.
No big wedding. Sadly the three of us won’t be buying bridesmaid dresses. They’re going to a Judge with their kids. We threatened to buy three really awful dresses and take her to dinner, which I think we’ll still do. We met her at that airport on Friday with signs like the limo drivers hold, only ours said OMG we missed …’s 60th birthday, so sorry. Say Happy Birthday to … Everyone. She was sooooo embarrassed but that’s how we role. I can have fun sober.

Best news was that Nebraska (widow, three years now) is dating someone. Yay!!!! She’s 63 like me. Her husband was wheelchair bound for 7 years and we were worried that her role of caregiver had consumed her. We were screaming and jumping up and down! We wanted all the details about first date, etc. Their first public date other than coffee was(after they told their families)at the theater and was cancelled because Nebraska’s grandson decided to be born that night. Anyway we were thrilled for her. We talked about sex like we were in our 20’s again. Her first question was”Is there sex in your 60’s” with a hell yes response she smiled. We even took a trip to a local lingerie/toy store. So many giggles I’m surprised we didn’t get tossed out of the place. This guy of hers better watch out!

We took a food tour in Chicago, what fun. They bonded again with my kids and now my grandchildren, two of them they hadn’t met yet. Even though we hadn’t been together for two years it was like no time had passed.

Drinking? Hardly, they’d have a glass of wine and then a diet coke. A Bloody Mary with lunch and then tea. I didn’t miss it, I didn’t feel left out. I felt loved. I. Was. Loved.

Girls just want to have fun. Sober.



8 thoughts on “I’m Sure You Guys Don’t Care About My Weekend, But I’m Going to tell You Anyway So Sit Down and Listen

  1. Happy Happy Joy Joy ! ! !
    Good for you, happy for you, and so glad you saw in them the love and support you’ve always had there. Thanks so much for the update – it made my morning 😃

  2. I’ve enjoyed your blog and hope that you continue on with it! Like you, I’m 60 (well, more like 67) and wish I had stopped drinking years ago. That’s a story for another time. Hope all is well with you.

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