Outer Limits, Outer Cranks, Outer Banks

It’s been a while. Halfway through our second week of vacation in Duck, North Carolina on the Outer Banks. Favorite place in the whole world. But man, what a first week we had.

I haven’t wanted to drink this much in 390 some days. It was a really hard, trying first week. Husband #1 and I drove down with the two dogs (fun times). The rest of the family flew in on Sunday, the 23rd. It was so wonderful to have my kids and my three granddaughters at the beach. Watching them play in the sand and the surf, building sandcastles and having ice cream everyday. BUT, that redheaded one was really a handful. A screaming, crying, pouting, handful. She was fine as long as my daughter was out of the room, but once she saw her mom she wanted to be picked up and if not, SCREAM!!! While she (19 months old) was screaming, the 4 yr old was talking incessantly and the one year old was tottering around ready to bash herself on a corner somewhere or she was batting at OTP (Olive the Puppy), you do not wave your tiny little fingers at a sharp toothed pup. I was so tempted to drink, so tempted, I can’t remember when the urge was so strong. I was almost in tears by the time they left on Sunday, it was a hard week. My nerves were shattered.  I’m also worried about my daughter, there’s only so much of that screaming you can deal with before you break down and scream yourself. Redhead is not that bad at home so maybe things are better now that they’re home (fingers crossed).

Anyway, I didn’t drink but Wolfie was whispering, then turning up the volume about how a glass of wine would feel sooooooooo good. It didn’t help that there was wine and beer in the fridge. I had saved an email from Belle about “if you ever think about relapsing, read this”. Thank God, I read it twice one night with deep breaths until the feeling passed. So, I guess it doesn’t matter how fucking sober you think you are, that damn wolf is around every corner.

AHHHHHHH! So on to week two. Oh, almost forgot, Husband #1 hit 100 days on August 26. Yeah!! Then, he gave in to temptation. Not too much, but he’s had some wine and beer since. Tomorrow he’s starting over and abstaining until Christmas and belittling himself for being weak and giving in. I’ll take what I can get, so all is well. We celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary on Sept.1 along with my, get ready for it, 400 days sober. We had a lovely dinner out, watched the sun set over the sound and had yummy desserts.

Now, we’re having beautiful days at the beach, I’m getting caught up on magazines and books.Haven’t listened to the news at all. Life is good, it’s great to watch the sunrise over the ocean. Good to be alive and sober.

Olive is a fucking lot of work. What was I thinking taking on a puppy at my age? This beach house has two sets of stairs. So I’m up and down a million times a day. I will be super skinny by the time we leave and have a pretty tight ass for an old grey haired lady!! Olive needs to go out once or twice an hour and sometimes has to be carried down the first flight. WTF?  She’s also had “issues” and is on prescription dog food that I mix with chicken and rice. Yes, I’m cooking chicken and rice for a DOG on vacation at the beach. At least now she doesn’t get me up all night long to go to the bathroom!! Like I said, what was I thinking?? Another reason I was tempted to drink. I will probably be tempted until she’s completely housebroken, which better be fucking soon! I’m being tested for Sainthood I think. Oh the trials I endure to try to stay active. It’s back-firing, it’s making me tired and just a little bitchy. But she’s so damn cute!!!

We head home on Saturday morning, we’ll drive straight through, about 17 hours, 18 because of Olive’s bladder.

I saw the best saying on a t-shirt yesterday, I almost bought it. I may go back tomorrow and get it. It said, “After Tuesday even the calendar says WTF.

Signing off from the beach.




8 thoughts on “Outer Limits, Outer Cranks, Outer Banks

  1. Ahh puppies,I have one Charlie the trash eater.Who jumps,bites and like to pull you bottoms down going down the stairs.She’s getting a little better since my rib/ back breakage.

  2. Congratulations on surviving all that. I’m exhausted just reading it. Vacations are a real tester aren’t they? I returned from mine recently and I came soooooooooo close to drinking on that first day. It was only a miracle that got me through it and I still associate so much with booze. Picnics at the beach would be so much better with a bottle of wine, Sundowners – just not the same without alcohol. Aaargh. The torture. But, you’re blasting it. So much strength. Well done.

  3. Oh Sharon, sorry to say this to you, but I chuckled through most of your post. I’m sure it was not meant to be funny. It just reminded me of our recent vacation to Chattanooga with daughter and grand kiddies. It was pretty awful. So glad you survived wolfies visit. I’m sure he wasn’t invited. Enjoy your final days in paradise.

  4. The way I’m feeling right now, I wouldn’t have passed up going for the wine in the fridge. Having it so close and having the days you were, I would totally have gone for the bottle! Congrats on 400. That is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!

  5. Happy anniversary and congratulations on 400 days! I have to give mucho credit for those milestones but what really impresses me is your 18 hour straight through drive home with a dog. Travel safe!!

  6. Good to hear from you and I was also chuckling at all the ‘bad’ bits 🙂 and oh my, yes, puppies are so much work! forget the 5:2 diet, how about the running up and down stairs with a puppy constantly diet?! and am always amazed at the length of the car journeys you folks over there do. I am so reluctant to visit my father in law because he is all of five hours drive away. nothing to do with his charmless personality, no it’s purely the distance 😉 glad husband no 1 is back on the wagon. you are leading by example, not sure which is worse to train, puppy or husband?! Lots of love, Prim xxx

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