Mirror, Mirror

So I’ve been reflecting, yes me, reflecting about what to write for 365 days. It’s fast approaching. And I’m counting, oh yes I am. I’m not going to write about pre 365.  Other blogs have written about it so much better than I ever could (especially afteralcohol.wordpress.com, that girl can write!) and quite frankly I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It’s in the past.  I won’t forget, I can’t forget, I’d like to forget, but I won’t.  I park my car in the same row at the grocery store so I can find it when I’m done.  I feel sorry for those poor souls wandering the parking lot with their carts, pushing the horn button, trying to locate their vehicle.  Not me, sucker!  Anyway, what I was will not be forgotten.  But it’s different now. Better.

So maybe I’ll write about what’s happened since last July 28. If I can remember. Enough with the age and menopausal moments. Like where the hell are my keys.  I think the memory thing was worse when I was a few years younger. Where was I.. oh, 365. So the jury’s still out, I’m still reflecting.

My present arrives on July 25, just 3 days before the big day.  I think I’ll call her Olive The Puppy.  Ralph The Dog is wondering “what the fuck has she done now?” I’m kinda wondering the same thing.  See you in 17 days.

Tried to put a photo of RTD here but wordpress is not cooperating. Later.


7 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. Hi Sharon. Congrats on the big day coming up! And what a gift you will receive! Either that puppy will make you want to drink…or more likely will become a great source of fun (no alcohol needed for a puppy party). 😉

  2. Found ypur blog from another blog…so great almost a year for you…I will be one year aug 1st , 52 and finally sober, i like your title…I miss the red wine, but finally, I am done. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. Wonderful and inspiring! I can’t imagine me one year sober, but that’s what I’m shooting for:) thank you for sharing!

  4. My kids bought me a puppy 3 weeks ago,we have had our ups and downs.My slippers don’t match.It loves trash,but it’s cute as bugs ear.She’s very talented and can pull your bathing suit bottoms off your butt or lift the back of your dress.Oh and the presents from the garden are priceless.

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