Clues and Treats

I know what my treat for 365 days is going to be. I’m very excited and have started to plan. I will be celebrating my 1 year soberversary on July 28th. I”ll give you some hints over the next few weeks and post a picture on July 28. I will pick it up around the 24th of July, 4 days before my one year ta da. I found out about it on May 28th, 4 days after my 300 day ta da. No it’s not another grandchild, though my DIL is pregnant, she’s not due until January so that doesn’t count. The way my children are procreating I’ll be buried in babies soon. I love those babies but why do they always wait to have shitty diapers at Grammy’s when the only one around to change them is ME!! Sorry.

So let’s guess what crazy thing Sharon has ordered for herself for her 1st of many soberverseries. 

This “thing” will actually be the 6th one we’ve had over the last 28 years, but this one is for me.

More clues in days to come, unless one of you handful of readers already knows. 

I used to love this game and the movie. I adore Tim Curry. I always wanted to be sexy Miss Scarlett, I still do!





11 thoughts on “Clues and Treats

  1. So are we allowed to guess??? Hope so cause I’m guessing a brand new car. My second guess is a puppy but you said you were sick of shitty diapers – and house training a dog doesn’t sound like an activity you’ll wanna be doing to celebrate.

  2. Hmmm…I guess you could order a puppy…but I’m thinking a car. If it’s a car…make us guess what kind cause this is FUN!

    Congrats on every single sober day you have and on closing in on one year!


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