New York, New York

Can you hear Sinatra crooning ‘It’s up to you New York, New York? Oh wait, maybe that was Liza Minnelli, speaking of, can you believe what Ellen said to her at the Oscars, OMG.  She really did look like a female impersonator.  What a frickin segue to my trip to New York City.

Going next Tuesday with a girlfriend.  Just staying 2 nights, in Times Square. We’ve been talking about going for years, we love Broadway shows and attend Broadway in Chicago shows frequently.  So we finally decided to go. Tuesday night we’re seeing Idina Menzel (can you believe what John Travolta did to her name at the Oscars!?) in a new musical IF/Then and Wednesday night Brian Cranston (Breaking Bad) in All the Way, a play about LBJ. (Rhymes, ta da!) Should be a fun time. Wednesday we’re taking a walking tour around the 9/11 memorial, this will be really difficult for me.  And then we take a ferry out to the Statue of Liberty.

It should be a great time.  I really need a short break, though a spa trip would be much more relaxing. I’m being grammyed-out these days.  I’ve had all three girls a lot and Grace has been sick for about a month, freaking daycare two days a week is really messing with her.  I hit the pillow earlier and earlier.

I feel like I should mention I’m not worried about drinking, the woman I’m going with rarely has even a glass of wine. I will admit to thinking about what to do after the play. I’m sure most people stop for some wine or a night cap, I need to look for some tea shops close to the theatre or hotel.

Drunky Drunk Girl,’t do the link thing) had a really thoughtful post on wanting to move on with her life and to stop thinking, writing, blogging about not drinking.  I feel like I’m there too.  I really don’t have much to say about drinking or not drinking anymore.  I’m not going to drink. I will continue to read blogs because I don’t want to slip or ever put down my toolbox. I just had an image of Bradley Cooper wearing a toolbelt. Oh my! Where was I.  Oh yeah, I am moving on, I’ll still post now and then, don’t know whether it will interest many.

I’m doing really well. 269 days today.  Still drinking my tea at night, still taking bubble baths as needed. Still reading blogs and posts on the BFB. Still getting myself treats (I’ve become the Queen of self care.)  And I will always keep in the forefront of my mind an experience related to me by Sunny Sue, a reader, a member of Booze Free Brigade, the first person that reached out to me when I started my journey.  She’s a couple years younger than me, but we connected.  Say congratulations, she going to be a Grandma shortly.  She was 2 years sober when out to dinner with her husband she decided to have a glass of wine.  It took her 8 months to get back to Day 1. I will carry that with me forever, 8 fucking months to start over.  I’m sure there are others with similar stories, but she was a lot like me. I will not forget.  Like Belle advises, learn from those that have been through this before.  That’s why this sober blog stuff is so valuable. I wouldn’t be where I am today, so full of love and life, if it weren’t for you guys, so thanks. Really.  But I’m just Sharon now. Wife, mother, grandmother extraordinaire. Mais oui. Nice to meet you.

Now, back to my trip.  I got myself some new Clark Kent glasses and a couple new tops so I’ll will be stylin’. I’ll have to post a picture of my new look.  Mrs. D put up a new photo of herself in a Onesie, so us dumb Yanks would know what it was. So maybe I’ll post my new Sober Superman Selfie.  Maybe.

I’ll let you know how the trip went.  Weather forecast 80% chance of rain both days.  Bollucks (did I spell that right?)  At least it’s not SNOW!!



14 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. Have a fabulous time. I’m sure you won’t drink because, really, wouldn’t that just spoil the entire trip?
    Joan B.

  2. All The Way was awesome. Michael McKean was also in it as… oh that FBI head guy… can’t remember his name. Stand by the stage door after to get Bryan Cranston’s autograph. He is really a nice guy and lot nicer than some other celebrities I have met. The high I got from meeting him was better than any booze.
    Oh and good coffee shop right around corner I think on 8th. Let me try to find the name.

  3. Loved this post and so happy you’ll be sober stylin’ NYC! That is a BIG reminder so thanks for sharing the 8 months story. I have no doubt that would be me too xx

  4. Have a great time. If you are staying in Times Square, you don’t have to worry about going to a bar, there is enough just going on in the streets to keep you occupied people watching, for hours.
    Have a great time, and congratulations on embracing and rocking the sober super grandma! I can’t wait until I feel as confident!
    Have a great time!

  5. As one who just discovered your blog this week, I LOVE hearing that there comes a point when you’re not obsessed with not drinking. I connect with your posts because I just had my 59th birthday and I’ll be damned if I’m going to end this decade in the blur in which I’ve spent the rest of it. Maybe when you’re rested from NYC you can share your best self care tips? It’s an area that’s totally foreign to me. Thanks for writing!

  6. I love New York. How fun your trip sounds! It’s nice to hear an update from you every once in awhile even if you don’t feel the need to post a lot. I get that! It is great to hear how well you are doing. Big hugs!

  7. What a great reward trip, Sharon. You deserve it (and then some) too. Love knowing how ‘carefully confident’ you have become. It is so good to hear your voice, so keep posting every now and again, but I totally GET the need to move on into the ‘new you’ so carefully crafted over these last months. This is ALSO a reward of our sobriety methinks!
    Yes, I can hear those ‘New York, New York’ lyrics in the background. Do post a pic with the Clark Kent glasses on . . .

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