WTF, It’s Snowing

WTF, It's Snowing

It’s April 14th! All I can say is Shit! And you think you’re depressed. HA!


10 thoughts on “WTF, It’s Snowing

  1. Ok….you know it won’t last long, but I agree with you……shit. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we are under a freeze warning for the nights–and we live in North Carolina!! We just bought 13 new shrubs to replace the ones we lost this past winter; I will cover them. Bottom line–it has been a terrible winter……
    Joan B.

  2. Just flew into O’Hare today. Ugh…or more like ugly! I took a pic of my temp gauge as I drove home from the grocery store – 32 degrees! Thought about a long hot bath and a cup of tea to relax after my day of travel only to realize the contractor didn’t call the plumber over the weekend to figure out why the newish water heater isn’t working. ALL I WANTED WAS A BATH AND CUP OF TEA. That’s suppose to be progress. I’m yelling at you world!

  3. you have PROPER weather in the US! here in the UK we have had an incredibly mild and wet winter. no snow at all, which is very disappointing for my kids. after no cold snaps I am expecting a slug EXPLOSION in the garden this spring – I may actually have to use hand grenades 🙂 at least your frost will be killing off those garden nasties… desperately searching for a silver lining here!

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