The Almost Sunshine Award

Thanks to Maggie at Sober Courage and Shaina at Learning Living Freely for nominating me for this award. I do really appreciate the shout out. I’m not good and copying things from other peoples blogs or cutting and pasting so though I really appreciate being noticed I won’t be able to continue the thread.  I know it’s a good thing but it reminds me a little of a chain letter. One with admirable qualities. I will tell you 5 things about me. The requirement for the award is 10. I’m a little slow this morning, the time change has thrown me for a loop. 

1. I always wanted to sing like Barbra Streisand, when I was younger ( I am younger than Barbra, thank you very much) I used to do the ironing while singing along to her original “Happy Days are Here Again”

2.  I rarely iron anymore.

3.  I went to a small college in upstate Pennsylvania and hold a BS in Education. I could teach high school French if I was so inclined.

4. I get at least 1 new pair of glasses a year.  If I have to wear them all day I consider them a fashion item so I change them like purses. 

5.  I love the Outer Banks of North Carolina and would love to live there but I don’t like the hassle of those damn hurricanes. We vacation there every year. 

OK. There you go. Again, thanks for the recognition and please don’t be offended that I didn’t pass this on. There are tons and tons of sober blogs deserving recognition.  My blog roll lists but a handful of the ones I read.  There are so many deserving a pat.  And seriously I am iPad challenged as I have no idea how to take the photo and list from one blog and put it in my post

6.  I am showing my age when it comes to blog mechanics.

C’est tout!


6 thoughts on “The Almost Sunshine Award

  1. Sharon- you just barely beat me to the punch on this one! I too am soooo appreciative of a similar nomination!! And I long ago decided no more chain letters for me! I love your five facts! Visit me later today to see my five facts!

  2. You make me smile, so the ‘sunshine award’ seems totally appropriate to me (though I don’t quite get the origin 😉
    I took French for a hundred years through junior and senior high school and in college. Thirty years later, as a substitute in a HS French class, I had a smart-alec young man and was pleased as punch to be able to say in a stern, little-louder-than-usual voice, “Asseyez-vous, s’il vous plait!” (“Sit down, please!”) which was about all I remembered from all those years . . . and the rest of the class was a breeze.
    Thanks for the grin today!

  3. Hi Sharon, thanks for participating and sharing your 5 things. I thought the same thing in the beginning, oh chain letter, but in the end I really enjoyed gettting to know fellow bloggers, reminds me how simillar we really are.

    Thanks. Ps. I just realized that I don’t iron anymore either. Huh? I used to be the ironing queen. Lol!

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