Away Message

Off to Florida on Thursday! WOO HOO.  I am so over this winter, when I leave it will be a high of 15F so even if it’s only 70 in Florida I will be stripping off layers and layers of clothes  Don’t get too excited guys.  It’s my annual girls weekend.  We stay at a friends house right on the gulf, so amazing, peaceful and beautiful. Morning coffee watching pelicans so close you can almost touch.

I’m not really worried about drinking.  I was always the biggest drinker, starting early and continuing after we had dinner.  You know the routine. These ladies are normies and I always had to try to act like I wasn’t the one emptying the wine bottles. They are my book club friends, they know I stopped drinking this summer.  If we get around to talking about it I think I will tell all, not just that I quit for a while, but that I quit because I couldn’t stop, I had no control over alcohol.  I have no intention of starting over. NO MATTER WHAT.

I also feel bad, well sorta,  that I don’t blog very often.  I really don’t have much to say about being sober at sixty anymore. I’m sober, I’m in my sixties. (AAGGHH!)  Still don’t know how the hell that happened. I was 38 yesterday. The hard part of getting sober is over, I try not to go over the bad times too much.  I remember them (well sort of, it fades). I don’t want to forget, but I don’t have much to say about the bad times.  And it’s easier now.  At 211 days I know I’m just a newbie. I have a long, long way to go. That said, I think at my age I finally realize I just can’t drink anymore. And I really don’t want to. Would you want your children’s grandmother to be a drinker? I don’t think so. Would you want your mother to be a drinker, you know the answer.

Alcohol and wine in particular has lost all it’s glamor and appeal for me. It took me long enough.  All you babes out there in your 30’s and 40’s, do not wait as long as I did to stop drinking. I could get all poetic about that, about your kids, your future, yada yada yada, but I won’t.  Just DO IT NOW. One day at a time, one foot in front of the other, do not drink today. You may regret a lot of things you did in your life but you will never regret waking sober. Stop whining and making fucking excuses and DO IT. That’s not very grandmotherly now is it?  Remember, my little ones are young, so I’m a very young, hip and edgy grammy!! And again I digress.

 I still read tons of blogs everyday, they keep me fresh, they remind me where I started and how far I’ve come. I don’t always comment, but I’m there.  Such a varied group of bloggers, moms, dads, young singles, and a and I quote “motherfucking sober ninja warrior lady”, (that’s for you Sherry, I wish I’d had the balls and the brains to think of that first). Who’d have thought we’d all have so much in common?  I’ve come to think of everyone as family.  The weird dysfunctional side, but family none the less. I won’t close up shop completely because I still have some landmark days to celebrate ahead and I’ll shout out about them. Still haven’t figured out what my treat will be for 365. I have an idea, just have to see how it flies with Husband #1.  Speaking of which, he is still NOT on the journey with me, so I may need to blog about that every now and then.  So I’ve gone on and on and blah blah blah. Shit, I wasn’t going to let that happen.  I originally said this would be a blurb not a blog.

I am so psyched to get away from this freakin, frickin, fucking snow, cold and ice I am jumping up and down. Thursday can’t come soon enough.  Girls just wanna have fun.



12 thoughts on “Away Message

  1. I envy you your Girly trip to Florida. A bit of sun would be very welcome now. I’m sure you’ll have fun. You seem to have sobriety nailed. You are so determined. Sorry that you won’t be around much. You’re the 3rd to announce this this week and I’m beginning panic that I’m losing everybody. Keep us informed of your milestones and what huge treat you decide on for 365 days. Good luck!

      • I know what you mean about not having anything to say. Sometimes I feel as though my posts are pretty pointless. I haven’t had any of the major insights/lightbulb moments that others seem to have had. I drank because I enjoyed it. Then lost control of it. Stress doesn’t trigger it or unhappiness. In fact, I like a drink more when I’m happy. I prefer to read other people’s posts and comment on them. But I’ll see how it goes. Look forward to hearing your ephiphanies!

  2. it is always a delight to hear from you but only when you feel like it is absolutely fine! that is one of the things I love about blogging – I would hate it if I started to feel I HAD to do it. ‘You will never regret waking sober’ – so so true oh wise grandmotherly one!

    Ooh, so envious of your book club trip to Florida! We visited there when the children were little and were lucky enough to have a waterside cabin, with a resident manatee which came to visit if you ran a hosepipe of fresh water into the seawater for it to drink. Really magical. Have fun with your ladies and don’t shock them with any of the language you’ve learnt on here 😉 (I bet they’re worse than us!) P xx

    • Nope prim, I’m the one with the potty mouth. My daughter keeps doing the “mommmm” thing and rolling her eyes if I forget and swear in front of the little ones. Oops ! I’m getting better, really I am!

  3. Have a fabulous trip, Sharon. We would love to hear from you whenever you have something you want to write about. You are doing so well and are a great example of how to get sober in your 60’s. It’s pretty cool, hip, young, and edgy of ya. 🙂 big hugs!

  4. You could TOTALLY have thought of it!!!! You definitely have the balls my friend. You are the second most hip, edgy and badass grandma out there…because, of course, I am the first. LOL.

    Enjoy your girls trip. So jealous! Post when you feel the pull. I’ll still be here to read.


  5. Oh Sharon, I had to laugh out loud at this post. Being in my sixties and making this sober journey has been nothing short of miraculous. Never thought I could put down that wine glass. I love what you have to say to all those younger than us. I will add to that and say, “don’t waste the pretty”. Alcohol ravages you inside and out. When I first quit drinking I looked in the mirror and was shocked by the old broad staring back at me. Holy shit! Where the hell did SHE come from? Although I’m not always having fun in my new sobriety, my worst sober day is better than my best drinking day. I have not once regretted waking up sober. Hope you are having a blast in Florida!

  6. Hi, I’m elee and new to this. Found your blog today and I am listening! I’m in my mid thirties and I am taking your advice to heart about quitting now. I do not want to struggle with this forever. thank you for your motherly advice!

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