Made It with Flying Colors

My first super sober Christmas in countless years.  I say super because about 3 years ago I made it to 72 days. I didn’t count the one glass of white with Thanksgiving turkey, or the one glass of red for Christmas dinner, but it was downhill after that.  This year was different, no alcohol at all.  I wish I could say I didn’t have a pang of regret.  I did.  Not for wine, I didn’t crave any, but I felt a pang of regret that I can’t be a normie, never will be so move on Sharon, move on. If wishes were horses, blah, blah, blah…

Now onward to New Year’s Eve, I’m not worried, no parties here.  Living in the Midwest we have the advantage of watching the New Year happen in NYC and it’s only 11:00 PM here so off to bed an hour before midnight!  Woo Hoo, how wild and crazy can we get! 

The time with kids and grandchildren has been precious and such fun. But the best was when I was in the kitchen doing something, I don’t remember what,  I overheard my 30 year old son ( who maybe has a beer every 3 or 4 weeks if that often) say he was thinking about cutting out soda and alcohol for a year, “you know, like mom is”. I’m not saying forever, though I know that’s what it will be, has to be, but it seems easier to say 100 days, now I’m at 152 of 180 days, then on to 185 days, etc.  “You know like mom is”, that made me feel so proud.  How crazy is that!  Made my day, made my Christmas Merry.



7 thoughts on “Made It with Flying Colors

  1. Awww…that’s wonderful, Sharon. I am so happy for you. That little voice of “why can’t I be normal like everyone else?” crops up for me too once in a while. Then I realize there is nothing normal about my drinking. Normal means nothing. We are in a wonderful place where we are seeing things more clearly than we ever have, and it is more than just not drinking. We are seeing why we drank and what we can do to tackle that can of worms so that drink no longer becomes attractive. I get caught up with that voice, thinking perhaps one wouldn’t hurt will it? Sure it won’t…it will kill me!! I slap those silly thoughts away and do what I was going – hanging out with family, laughing, etc.

    Have a wonderful and happy new year, my friend!


  2. Good entry. Please don’t have regrets that we cannot drink as normal people. Those who may seem not to have a drinking problem may, in fact, be struggling to give that impression to the outside world, or they may be just a year or two away from turning the corner and becoming a “problem drinker.” In any case, I, too, will be turning in early New Year’s Eve in a comfy bed with a good book……and waking up fresh and clear-eyed!
    Joan B.

  3. how wonderful indeed. sometimes I don’t think we have any idea what knock-on effect our non drinking has. maybe we hear little things like you did or people say something directly. or maybe people just start to privately think a little bit differently about drinking. whatever the case, I think us sitting in amongst a group and not drinking is a good thing. Merry Christmas xxx

  4. Rest assured that sober Christmases quickly become the norm when you string a few together and you forget about what all the drinking added to it. You then begin to look back and realize how much of the Christmas season was centred around drinking and how much time and energy you gave it. Yet, when drinking comes out of the equation, you find out how much time and energy you now have for the wonderful things of Christmas. Like reaching out to others, or being more creative with gifts, or playing a game on the floor with a child, niece, grandchild, etc… I don’t miss drinking around Christmas one bit and feel such freedom about it.

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