I Know Why God Created Menopause

Ok, this doesn’t really have anything to do with my sobriety.  Whoops, oh yes it does, if I wasn’t sober you’d be scraping me off the floor.

Caring for baby Grace during the holidays is exhausting.   Trying to wrap presents, bake cookies and find time to pee is taking it’s toll on Grammy.  I practically drown sliding into a hot bath some nights. I could usually hand her to my husband when I needed to do something, but he was overseas for 12 days so it was just me, Grace and Ralph the Dog.

I love her immensely and will be heartbroken when she goes into daycare in February.  I’m going to keep her two days a week once that starts. I feel guilty not keeping her 5 but I just can’t .  I truly admire (and have great sympathy for) those grandparents that have to raise their grandchildren because of different circumstances. I volunteered initially because my son and daughter-in-law had to get on a waiting list at the center they chose and I thought she was just too young for daycare.  Daycare is also so damn expensive, like a mortgage payment. We were doing just fine until Thanksgiving and then the thinking about gifts, buying gifts and Christmas traditions threw us out of whack.

I had two children 18 months apart in my early 30’s. I never blinked an eye.  I even made my own fucking wrapping paper while baking cookies and fabric painting holly and wreaths on pillowcases.  The point being I was 30/32 not 62!  I have always prided myself on being a very fit, hip 62.  Last week I went to bed around 8 PM two nights in a row!  Old Fart! Since getting sober I’m usually up until 10 or 11 reading or sipping tea…but not lately.  Thank God I now have a break for a week to recoup and the holidays will be a thing of the past.

Women in their late 50’s and early 60’s were not meant to bear children.  God had a good plan, it is a young woman’s game.

Can you imagine my treatment of Gracie if I was still drinking. She wouldn’t get all of me.  I’d be foggy headed and irritable and tired all the time; not just at night, after a day of baking in-between naps and singing carols to put her to sleep.  She’s particularly fond of ‘O Holy Night’.  Can’t imagine why, I don’t come close to the high notes. It makes Ralph the Dog whine.

So I just felt like ranting cause I was feeling like an old broad.  But, after a week off, look out.  I’ll be in fine form once more.  Entering 2014 sober, fabulous and fashionable in my Belle bracelets and Carrie’s tiara wearing my slinky sober black dress.

In case I don’t post before Wednesday, have a wonderful, sober Christmas my new wonderful, sober friends.

Hugs 😉


5 thoughts on “I Know Why God Created Menopause

  1. PLEASE know that what you are doing for your son and daughter-in-law is something truly special. I am always extremely envious of my friends’ parents that take care of their children. I don’t have that luxury. It is the most selfless thing you can do for them and Gracie and I’m sure they appreciate it more than you know! And I’m sure that grand-angel will come to appreciate you too 🙂

  2. You are doing a wonderful but hard job and you are just fab! They must feel so lucky to have you. You enjoy your week off. Rock that gorgeous sober tiara and have an amazing Christmas!

  3. Sharon, I smiled throughout your entire post. Love your writing and you are spot on about God’s plan for childbearing! Grammy’s are meant for hugs and kisses and special treats. You are doing a wonderful thing for your family but they will appreciate you in a different way come February. Those two days will be ever so special! Well I hope you have the best Christmas ever and I will be in touch with you very soon sober sister! Hugs, Trish

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