Under press…..ure.

Well, I see the doctor tomorrow.  I’m very fortunate in that I go once a year for the works.  I take no medications, just Vitamin D.  How very lucky I am to be 62 and never on meds.  However, I’m anxious to find out the results of my blood work this year.  Last year my red count was elevated.  The doctor said she’d check my folic acid levels next time.  I know better. I am a vegetable queen. There are several reasons for elevated red counts.

1. Low folic acid

2. Kidney or liver cancer

3. Alcoholism

4. Acute Alcoholism

I’m pretty sure that alcoholism was the reason for my high count.  Of course the doctor never asks about that.  The medical profession should not tip toe around this.  BFD if they insult a couple patients, but then who tells them the truth.  Anyway, I’m not sure how much I’ll tell her beyond that I’ve given up alcohol.  Let’s see the results of my tests. 

In addition to that I’ve always prided myself on having exceptionally high HDL levels (happy cholesterol).  Doctors have told me how awesome that is.  Then I googled it and found that excessive alcohol use can falsely raise HDL levels.  Again, let’s see the results, I may end up on cholesterol meds now that I’ve eliminated alcohol.  But that’s OK.  The readings will be true this time, I’m pretty sure 142 days without the poison should ensure true readings. I think it takes 90 days for the blood to cycle.  Keep your fingers crossed that all is well.

And then more fun, I always seem to have my mammogram the morning of Christmas Eve.  It wouldn’t be the holidays without squished breasts.



11 thoughts on “Under press…..ure.

  1. Wow! Just……WOW!! I have happy cholesterol and never once heard that it can be linked to high alcohol consumption. I want a re-do to see where they are now that I have quit. I find it interesting also that doctors never ask questions when the numbers are too high or too low. But then again, they are doctors. If we were to fix the problem and eliminate meds, they would make less money. Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!! Maddening!!!

  2. Good luck with all of that. I recently went to mine and was very honest and she was still clueless as to what to say because I don’t look like an alcoholic!
    Whatever happens you are changing your life for the better and that is all that matters.

  3. I have been anemic for over 15 years. Been through all kinds of testing and nothing shows up. Yesterday I was reading about ho w alcoholism can cause it. No doctor ever looked into that or maybe because I lied about how much I drank they didn’t feel the need to look. I have a doctor’s appt today and will tell her. Good luck with your appt.

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