There’s a ton of blogs out there posting about the blahs or feeling flat and I say bullocks to that.  (I just love that Irish expression)

We are all, by nature, going to have good days and bad, whether we’re drinking or not. I think there are fewer blue days sober than I had before.  I think I recover from just about everything faster now like the traffic, the dog wants to go out, the husband buys the wrong stuff at the store, the photo mug you ordered for Christmas comes with the pictures upside down and it’s 17 degrees outside! But am I feeling blue, well I wasn’t till I wrote that…

I don’t think we feel this way because we’re not drinking at this time of the year, I just think it’s this time of the year.I think we need to cut ourselves some slack, feel the yuk, then try some positive thinking and remember things will be better in the morning, sober. Everyone gets down at holiday time, crime is up, suicides are up.  It’s just what happens every year around this time.  Sad but true. Drinking alone or with others at this time of the year just made me sadder.  I cried a lot at holiday time. Why? Probably because I was always drinking and trying to figure out how to stop. I was ashamed and miserable.  I don’t have that problem this year.  The wolf seems to be out of my head.  He’s left lots of space there to fill with other wondrous things.  

I am sober during the holidays for the first time in years. It will be 150 days on Christmas Day and I intend to make it.

This year Santa is back, my oldest granddaughter is 3.  There is magic in my house. I’m leaving the blahs at the door. Ho Ho Ho.


6 thoughts on “Funk

  1. FUNK. I haven’t heard that word in years. My mom always used to ask us if we were “in a funk.” You are so right. I felt the funk every year at the holidays. Mostly since my little ones grew up and moved away. Actually, my husband and I moved away from our daughter 7 years ago after my he was transferred. That was the hardest move and it still bothers me. But I regress…there is that block of time that we now have to fill. I had a terrible day at work today and just know that I am not doing what I should be doing (as a career). Now that I’m sober, I just want to make every little thing in my life right. I don’t have the patience to wait any longer. It’s as though I needed to get that one thing done (getting sober), and then I could fix everything else. Does that make sense? I’m so glad the magic is back at your house. I will be enjoying the holidays with my grandchildren in Michigan this year – the magic will be there. Hugs Sharon!

  2. The magic is there if you choose to see it. Sparkly sober tiaras on girls! (Paul, a crown for you, no brainer!)
    You made me think I must check that photo order of mine!
    I am beyond excited about being in control this Christmas, no hangovers, no losing most of the day from lunchtime once the wine is opened. I’m excited to see what else I can get from this holiday…once I get a couple of dreaded parties out of the way!
    Happy Funk to you!

  3. Bravo! Great posting! I agree, it is a difficult time of year (at moments, anyway) for almost everyone. I miss all of my family who have passed on. BUT, I love the lights, the glitter, the crackling energy (as well as the peaceful times at home listening to carols and drinking a mug of tea).
    Joan B.

  4. Thanks for your reminder about feelings this time of the year. Yesterday I got a Christmas letter from an acquaintance with news about her perfect life, her perfect children, and her perfect grandchildren. We all know that no one has a perfect life, yet I let it get me down. In retrospect I felt the same way about her letter last Christmas, and my life was so much worse than it is now. I’m now doing Belle’s 100 day challenge and today is my 28th day.

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