Talk about Shame and Regret

Sitting in church this morning the times of Christmas Eve services flashed on the screens.  I leaned over to my husband to confess that I always chose the earlier service so I could go home and drink.  Had to get in as many hours of champagne and wine as I could, wouldn’t want something like the birth of Jesus Christ  to interfere with that.  It’s a good thing my God is so forgiving. I have to believe that, and I do.


2 thoughts on “Talk about Shame and Regret

  1. Just last night, my family and I went to a 9 o’clock movie. I leaned into my husband and told him I was happy to be sober because we never took the kids out to late movies. He seemed confused and I had to confess that the reason was because I always had to keep my Friday and Saturday nights open so I could spend them drinking. There is a certain freedom that I feel now because I am not a prisoner of the booze. I actually get to have a date night with my family on the weekends! It’s a miracle!

  2. As college students we used to go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve after a skinful because we thought it was a laugh :s I’m with you on the shame and regret x

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