A Whole New World.

Sorry for the title, The Little Mermaid’s been playing at my house a lot lately.  Anyway, I went to the mall…TONIGHT.  I think it’s been years since I’ve been there at night. I can’t remember the last time.  It was lovely.  I enjoyed the decorations and even the music.  For the past several years I would never venture out at night, too much to drink.  I would never drive drunk, so I just sat in the house drinking wine and internet shopping.  I was always buying lots of unnecessary things.  I actually got to touch the things I bought tonight.  I’m thinking I might go back to the mall and get myself a new LBD, maybe with sparkles or sequins to celebrate my new sober self.  You know use it like a costume, a la Wonder Woman (ok, that showed my age) or Katniss in Catching Fire. Sober Sharon. I know I keep repeating myself but being sober has really given me a sense of power, such control over my life that I haven’t felt in years.

This sober shit rocks.

 I’ll give you a brief husband update and then probably won’t post about it for a while.  He read my blog yesterday.  He usually never does but I told him I posted about him.  He said he was embarrassed, too embarrassed to read the comments you guys left. But it made him think and see, just a little bit,through my eyes.  Anyway, he had elderflower cordial and soda last night and then we took a walk around the neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights. It was wonderful to walk and talk together amongst the lights. Tonight he had tonic and lime, I went to the mall, he took another walk. The weather’s changing for the worse tomorrow , well this is Chicago, don’t know how many more evening walks we’ll get but I’ll remember that one.  Nice.



3 thoughts on “A Whole New World.

  1. This post made me happy, Sharon. Maybe he received the ‘nudge’ necessary to join us on our journey. Like you, I never ventured out at night once I had that first glass. Now, I really enjoy the life that exists outside of my home after dark! Perhaps you can walk in the malls once the weather turns. Chicago has great malls!

  2. Sharon – the roles were reversed for me and hubby previously as he stopped initially while I continued drinking, for about 7 weeks. He used to do exactly as your husband is doing now and would go out for a walk. Today he is day 81 and I am day 75! x

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