It Just Comes Out Of Nowhere

I had a good day, a productive day, a fun day.  Amidst getting ready for company for Thanksgiving, shopping and cleaning we even went downtown, our little town, not Chicago.  They have a display of gingerbread people (small statues) painted in various ways scattered all over town.  I bundled up Grace and met my daughter with my other two grandchildren to make the rounds.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as did they.  Anyway, at home getting ready to feed Grace I said to my husband, I’d like a glass of wine and a hot bath tonight.  WTF, where did that come from,bad thought, very bad idea.  I said I don’t really mean that, it just popped out!  He asked if I was wearing my Fuck You Wolfie bracelet.  I was not.  I quickly put it on, and repeated two or three times Fuck You Wolfie.  Each time louder and with more emphasis.  He is one sneaky bastard, just popping into my head like that.  I took that very hot bubble bath after Grace left with a glass of tonic and lime and an audio book.  Sneaky little shit not tonight.


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