Exercise the Demons

Sorry, couldn’t resist that old line from a Jim Carey movie.  Anyway, I have found if I don’t take my walk every day or do some weights I get antsy.  Go figure, me actually wanting to exercise, unheard of.  If I miss too many days I’m afraid I’ll be vulnerable to the beasts’ voice. I was especially gung ho during the first 30 days of sobriety. I even put the ‘Couch to 5 K’ app on my phone and got to week 3 in training but my knees just wouldn’t cooperate.  It’s really hard being a 45 year old woman in the body of a 62 year old! How did this happen?  I’ve tried yoga, but that messed up my shoulder. It’s very frustrating to want to do things and be physically challenged.  In other words, it sucks getting old… er.  So, I have to think of ways to get some exercise every day.  It’s hard with Baby Grace.  If the weather’s in the high 40’s I take her with me.  I tried walking the mall with her one day, I was the YOUNGEST one there! I’ll figure something out.  I much prefer to be outside but those days are numbered.  I get nervous. I need to move. I need to be strong to outrun the wolf.

On another note, my husband made it to Day 6 and caved.  Says he’ll just drink on the weekends. Insert me rolling my eyes here.  I said that a million times before. We all know how that is.  I hope he means it.  We’ll see. I’m disappointed but I get it.


4 thoughts on “Exercise the Demons

  1. if practical find a gym with child minding. hire a trainer to work out a program for you. stick to it. trying spinning. if gym not an option – walk. walk. walk. go in early morning if possible before grace gets to you. pick up pace for 30 secs, slow down for 60 pick up for 30 – otherwise go each day when she leaves. get a reflective jacket or such as likely dark. listen to music – great for picking up pace. good luck. i go mad without it!

  2. Hi, Sharon- I so relate to your comments about exercise. It provides a mind-reset, an antidepressant effect, and another reason to be proud of ourselves. Perhaps pilates would be a good match for you? It’s one of my favorite ways to work out. There is a website called PilatesAnytime- for less than $20/month, you get access to a wide range of classes on demand, and they are continually adding more classes (no affiliation with them, financial or otherwise).

    CarrieK at Day #20

  3. Just want to say hi Sharon. I am 61 yrs. young, been drinking too much for almost 20 years and I am now on day 13 of Belle’s 100 day challenge so reading all the blogs I can find for now. I figure first 60 days or so I won’t worry about how much time I am spending on the computer. Thanks for sharing your journey; I know it will help me.

    Caro at day 13

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