Ok, I have to limit my computer time.  I have to set limits like I did with my son and video games or I’m never going to get ANYTHING done.  This is a new sober phenomenon.  I used to check stuff in the morning and then maybe once more during the day.  Now, it’s constant.  Between two email accounts, reading and commenting on numerous sober blogs, the BFB, reading several DIY blogs, I’ve also been blogging since 2007 with a family blog with pictures and anecdotes, I’m not giving daily things enough attention.  My husband’s in Germany right now, so since I don’t have to worry about him or dinner I’m even worse.  I find when Grace naps instead of doing stuff around the house, I’m on the frickin computer, yes, I’m doing some Christmas shopping, but I’m also checking to see if there are any new blog posts. Enough is enough.  I fear I’ve traded one addiction for another.  So, I’m going to try to get my cyber shit done in the morning and after 8 at night.  I’ll try to be Suzy Homemaker in between. ( That would be a first because I’ve never even remotely resembled Suzy.) Maybe this is because I don’t work outside the home anymore and I have extra time.  I don’t know.  I do know I don’t like feeling shackled to my iPad.  How ’bout you guys?  Did you find when you first got sober you couldn’t get enough of the blogosphere?  I know I need to surround myself with sober support, but I think I’ve gone a bit overboard.  Going for a walk.  It’s freezing here, but Gracie goes soon and then I’m going OUTSIDE. How much is too much?  I guess it’s just like drinking, if you think it’s too much, then it’s too much.  Rambling today….


7 thoughts on “Boundaries

  1. Until you find you are steady on your feet, take as much of anything you need to keep you sober, as long as it’s not drugs!! The iPad won’t kill you and in time, you will need it less. Keep doing what works. You’re doing great!

  2. What Carrie said! You sensed the time when you were ready to let drinking go, and I guess it’ll be the same for the ipad. Sounds like you’re already putting boundaries in place, so trust your own instinct. X

  3. Yeah… I check constantly but only quick glances… then every 4-5 days I do a big hit of catching up and commenting (like maybe 1/2 hour to an hours worth).. I see it as part of being active in the community, that I need to give back and comment on others blogs…but I don’t reply to comments on my own blog for the specific reason that if I did that I reckon I’d be WAY more online than I am right now…I have to try and keep a balance… but at the same time this is my recovery place.. this online community is the only recovery community I have and it keeps me sober and sane… do what is right for you, you will work it

  4. The minute I quit going to forums and reading about sobriety, is when I started drinking again. Going at this the second time around, I’ve realized that I need the blogs and all of the sober reading to keep my mind in check. Good job setting time aside during the day for it! It’s so easy to sit at the computer and go from one thing to another and before you know it, the kids are coming home from school! 🙂

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