The Way We Were

The subject of Belle’s blog post today really brought me down.  It made me think about my childhood. It was not a very happy childhood.  It’s hard to remember the good times but the bad ones can seem like they happened yesterday.  I’ve been quite successful at tucking it away in a compartment and forgetting about it.  I don’t like remembering.  I’ll write about it in depth someday.  Not today.  I need to tuck it back in that compartment and move on.

I won’t drink, don’t worry.  That would be giving the memories power and I won’t.

OK, I feel better already just putting that little bit out there. It was a very long time ago and I am so much more than that today.  I’m going to slip out of my “sober is the new black” (thank you Carrie) dress and into a bubble bath. AAHHH, better.


9 thoughts on “The Way We Were

  1. I have found that hauling out those unhappy childhood memories tiny piece by tiny piece and putting them in a spotlight has helped me to defuse their power. It still amazes me how experiences so long ago shaped my default world view, and how much hard work it has taken to alter that. And still today, when I am tired or stressed, I can fall right back there. Looking at it semi-objectively, I can see how my childhood created the ‘perfect storm’ for my embracing alcohol like a savior!

    Carrie K, at Day #13

  2. Yours is the first blog I have found by a woman like me. That is 61 years old with a husband who drinks, grown kids and grandkids. Plus the dog. I am also a big fan of Belle and failed out of the challenge at 19 days. I desperately want to start again but can’t imagine sober holidays. I think I’ll lurk for a while and follow your success.

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  4. I would never have thought drinking would be giving those memories power, but I see it now. Yes, I had a sad childhood also, nearly suicided. Good for you being strong.

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