I had was of those days on what was supposed to be my celebratory 100 days.  A typical day I guess, but one that a few months ago would have led me to the couch with a bottle of wine and mindless TV.  I think it’s just a woman’s dilemma, there is just not enough of us to go around.  Everyone needs something from us, all day, every day.

My husband hates his job, again, he wants me to tell him it’s OK to quit, again.  HE’S unappreciated, HE needs encouragement, HE needs me to be supportive and understanding, HE needs a hug.

My daughter stopped by with her two little ones.  They’re not sleeping, so she’s not sleeping. I know she just wanted to vent.  But she vents to me constantly about everything.  Some things she shouldn’t be sharing.  AAGGHH, I had two little ones 18 months apart. I know it’s hard, but I didn’t have grandparents close by, we did it ourselves.  We take the girls all the time to give her a break.

I have Gracie, 5 days a week.  I volunteered for this. I’m getting used to hauling around the carseat into stores and banks, etc., but remember, I did this 30 years ago and now I’m doing it again. My daughter-in-law had to stay late at work and with Jeff and Emily crying the blues to me, it just compounded my hectic day.

On top of that we think, Ralph the dog, tore his ACL.  Our old dog did that to the tune of a $1500 surgery. We’ll know for sure on Monday.

There was more but I’ll stop now.

So I detonated on my husband! ” This was supposed to be MY day (what a child I sound like).  You guys are going to keep just using me up until one day POOF, I’ll just be gone.”   (Here I held hand to mouth and blew).  Quite the special effects.

A perfect drinking day.

There was a happy ending.  I didn’t drink.  My husband apologized, he shouldn’t have rained on my parade.  He showed up with 3 separate bouquets of flowers, said he tried to get 100 blooms for me.  My daughter’s still complaining, probably my fault for raising a drama queen.  Grace smiled and makes it all OK.  Ralph, well we’ll see, if he’s hurt we’ll fix him.

Just a typical day in any woman’s life, this time a sober woman’s life.


2 thoughts on “Poof

  1. Well I think you’re WonderWoman. And I appreciate you very much.
    So here’s 100 virtual kisses just for you:

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