Book Club

Today I’m 80 days sober, I’m having breakfast with a friend as a treat.  I’m also babysitting my 3 month old granddaughter so she’s coming along.  That’s another story for another day.  My phone tells me I’ve saved $1341 so far by not drinking.  I have not been stingy on treats and rewards so in reality it’s probably half that amount.  ( Well, I really like JJill and everything was on sale!)

Anyway, tonight is book club where the conversation and champagne flow freely.  I used to LOVE champagne. This will be the third one I attend sober.  I used to drink before, during and after. I’ll bring some flavored fizzy water and I’ll be the designated driver for a couple others.  I haven’t said anything to the girls about my not drinking and frankly they don’t seem to give a damn. The book was great. I’ll see 81 tomorrow.


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